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In April 2011, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made two election promises:

1) Introducing an Adult Fitness Tax Credit (AFTC)

2) Doubling the existing Children Fitness Tax Credit (CFTC)

The Government implementation cost of the Adult Fitness Tax Credit is stated to be much lower than the original estimated cost researched by Fitness Industry Council of Canada.

On September 25th 2013, a report from the federal budget office was released. This report proclaimed that the implementation of an Adult Fitness Tax Credit could cost the government upwards of $268 million over five years.

If the credit were implemented, it would allow Canadians to claim a non-refundable tax credit of up to $500 for eligible physical activity program costs against their taxable income at a rate of 15 per cent, or a maximum of $75 deducted from tax payable. Read More


ParticipAction Canadian Diabetes Association Recreation PEI Softball Canada

Badminton Canada Aboriginal Sport Circle Canadian Obesity Network Canadian Athletic Therapists Association

Fitness Industry Council of Canada Regina Masters Swim Club Swin Saskatchewan FitnessFind

Fitness Business Canada IHRSA

The implementation of an adult fitness tax credit will help Canadians to remain healthy and active.

-- David Hardy, President of Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) --

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We strongly suggest you write a personalized e-postcard to your local Member of Parliament advocating for the implementation of an Adult Fitness Tax Credit by filling out the convenient form below. A copy of your message will also be sent to the Minister of Finance.

It is only by hearing from you, the voting constituent, that Members of Parliament are able to make changes. This is your chance to encourage more Canadians to become more active more often.

Use our search box below to find your local MP and their email address. By searching your own postal code, your MP`s email address will be automatically generated into our form below. All you have to do is press send!

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Dear Hon./Mr./Ms./Sir/Madam:

I am a proud supporter of the Adult Fitness Tax Credit campaign.

As an active Canadian and voting constituent I ask The Government of Canada to extend the Children Fitness Tax Credit to include adults so all active Canadians may receive a tax credit for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, as I believe people should be rewarded for contributing to lowering national health care costs.

An Adult Fitness Tax Credit will see not only a decrease in the instances of obesity and inactivity across Canada, but will also see a decrease in overall healthcare costs due to increased physical activity levels.

As an active Canadian adult, I contribute to lowering national health care costs while improving my own personal health. I support an Adult Fitness Tax Credit by maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

I respectfully request you support and encourage the passage of an Adult Fitness Tax Credit. To learn more, please visit www.AdultFitnessTaxCredit.ca.


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  • For decades Canadian healthcare has struggled with exploding costs. Having the Canadian government implement an Adult Fitness Tax Credit is a critically important step to help Canadians start living fit and healthy lives.

    Clive Caldwell, President of the Cambridge Group of Clubs.
  • Today the Alberta government is lofting to introduce Health Care premiums to offset the budget deficit. One way to reduce health care costs and help win over voters is an incentive to become and stay healthy.

    Scott Wildeman, Senior Vice President of Operations for International Fitness Holdings Inc.
  • As Canadians age, in ever great numbers, the critical issue facing Provincial and Federal Governments is the exploding cost of Health Care. The only proven way to avoid catastrophic increases in health care costs is living a healthier lifestyle.

    Michael S. Levy, President eMbody Fitness
  • With the rise of health care costs, preventative measures are more important then ever especially with an aging population. An Adult Fitness Tax Credit would be a great way to encourage more Canadians to excercise and ultimately keep health care costs down, while adding to their quality of life.

    Balal Anwar, Motion Fitness
  • Here is a unique opportunity to take control of our destiny by starting to take control of our health.

    Francois Leduc | Directeur / General Manager Midtown Le Sporting Club Sanctuaire
  • Getting an Adult Fitness Tax Credit established in Canada is an important step in rewarding healthy actions and ultimately reducing overall health care cost for our society.

    Skye Kaiss, Director of Operations Gold's Gym Regina
  • Need more incentive to exercise? Imagine being able to deduct the cost of your fitness membership each year.

    Trisha Sarker, Executive Director FIC

Who Qualifies?

Who qualifies for an Adult Fitness Tax Credit?

According to the Children's Fitness Tax Credit definition, anyone who upholds a regular routine of physical activity and any sport, activity or membership which contributes to the improvement of cardio vascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance could be eligible for an Adult Fitness Tax Credit.

The Children's Fitness Tax Credit Definition

According to the recommendations put forward by the Expert Panel for the Children Fitness Tax Credit, the definition of an eligible program of physical activity recognized under the Children Fitness Tax Credit is:

An ongoing program suitable for children in which substantially all of the activities undertaken include a significant amount of physical activity that contributes to cardio-respiratory endurance, plus one or more of:

Muscular strength



Muscular endurance

As Long as you Sweat, you Qualify

It is important that you keep record of your physical activities. Do you have a membership at a local fitness club? Are you enrolled in hockey, volleyball, soccer, football, or rugby? Do you cycle, ski, or snowboard? Chances are you qualify.

Check out the list of associations on our home page to see who supports the Adult Fitness Tax Credit. We hope to expand this list!


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